Princess and Knight Rings

The history of the Princess and Knight rings, began with waiting as an armor that cannot be broken, giving courage and strong support to her lover.

She was determined and kind, and saw through her silence a flame of love.

Princess and Knight Rings

Beneath the solitude of his cold armor, there was a knight in love.

They kissed and a beautiful love story began …

The princess and knight rings are the most precious in our collection of handmade jewelry made of 925 sterling silver, thanks to their unique design inspired by the magical love stories between knights and princesses. With a design similar to an armor we have the ring for men, which represents strength and protection. The women’s ring is made inspired by princess crowns, with a precious stone as the center of attention, representing calm and serenity.

Perfect for any occasion, show that person the love you have for them. Rings never go out of style and are an ideal complement to a gift. In addition, our rings are durable thanks to the manufacturing process and the materials we use, to make it an unforgettable memory. You will not find anything like it in design or quality because we only manufacture them in our artisan workshops where our professional jewelers give life to our precious jewels, which are like small works of art. Every detail of the process is essential for our clients to be satisfied and that is why we do everything possible to achieve perfection.

Here you can see a video of our Princess and Knight Rings …

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